Parenting Mayhem

I think I quite possibly found the easiest way to blow through that emergency fund: throw the parking brake on while getting out of the car at the end of the driveway to get the mail and then totally forget about it while you park. Then drive the next TWO DAYS with the parking brake on, and quickly dismiss your husband’s comments that the car seems to be driving funny. Oops. Glad Mike wasn’t so easily dismissed. He figured out the problem before any real damage could be done.

Also- we had to take a surprise trip to the pediatrician because Olivia got a little burn on the back of her finger while swiping at a cooking pot on the stove (way to go, mama). She’s fine (Olivia, that is- mama is still a little traumatized), and thanks to our nicely padded pediatrician budget, our emergency fund won’t take a hit.

The good news, however, was short lived because upon our return home Mike came down with a yucky stomach virus and spent the night with his head in a bowl. Good times.

In other mishaps, mama was peed on twice, and our newly washed bed linens got hit with blueberry spit-up. But otherwise, it was a pretty good week!

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Oh, and here is what Olivia thinks of this week’s mayhem:


3 thoughts on “Parenting Mayhem

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