A Non-toxic AND Cheap Way to Disinfect

In this week’s Mayhem Monday post, I shared how my husband, Mike, came down with a nasty little stomach virus. This, of course, prompted me to do a vigilant disinfecting of the bathroom and a lot of the “most touched” surfaces in our house, like the light switches and the refrigerator door handle.

Well we also not too long ago boxed up and got rid of all of our toxic, commercial household cleaners- the bleach, the windex, the all-purpose cleaner…everything. Olivia is starting to crawl, and we were going through the house trying to make it baby-proof. I had already been thinking a lot about how much I don’t like the prolific amounts of chemicals entering our home via our food, water, air, clothing, cleaners, etc. One of the “trouble” spots we found was the under-the-sink chemical and cleaner stash.

I know lots of people just throw a cabinet lock on those doors to keep tiny explorers out, but since I’ve already been thinking about trying a more non-toxic approach to cleaning, I decided to try and see if I could find some alternatives to the commercial, toxic cleaners.

Of course, it is possible to buy non-toxic and organic cleaners at the local grocery or drug store, however since we’re on a pretty tight budget, I have found that it is incredibly cheap and easy to just make my own. I found a ton of recipes online, and in particular I like eartheasy.com because of its pretty comprehensive list of household cleaner recipes.

Anyway, after Mike spent a night hugging the porcelain throne, I had the opportunity to make my first foray into home cleaning solutions. I used a recipe I found on eartheasy.com, but made my own little tweak to it by adding tea tree oil to it (by the way, tea tree oil is A-MAZ-ING! It has so many uses…)

Non-toxic Disinfectant

2 t Borax

4 T distilled white vinegar

3 C hot water

1-2 drops Tea Tree Oil (bought this at soap.com)

I mixed this all up in a little spray bottle purchased at the local dollar store, and used it to clean the bathroom, sinks, light switches, and door knobs. Perfect!

Come see what else I keep in my cleaning cabinet these days!


2 thoughts on “A Non-toxic AND Cheap Way to Disinfect

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