Struggling to Be Patient with God

Have you ever felt like your life just couldn’t get any traction? Like you just keep spinning your wheels but going no where? Personally, my husband and I have been going through one of these difficult seasons.

We believe that the Lord has called us to get out of debt, and we also believe that he has great things in store for our family. I also believe that the Lord has built many awesome gifts and talents into my husband, a lot of which are currently being untapped and seemingly being unnoticed by the world. That can be frustrating and discouraging many days.

We’re currently looking for another job for Mike, one that is more suited to his gifts and passions, and we also have a real need for him to receive more income. Luckily, I just started a part-time job to help supplement our income and help accelerate our debt pay-off. But we have been discouraged these past couple of weeks as Mike’s hours have been cut at work, and now my income is just covering over the hole in our income from Mike’s decrease in pay.

While doing some filing for my boss today, I came across a page with a little devotional about Habakkuk 2:3:

“For stillthe vision awaits its appointed time;
it hastens to the end—it will not lie.
If it seems slow,wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.”

I was stirred as I read this passage and the accompanying devotional- it was all about trusting in God and being patient even when the things He has placed in our hearts seem slow to come to pass.

“If it seems slow, wait for it…” the Word says. The Lord has given us a specific vision, but we are temporarily bogged down by circumstances. We are to be content and patient in this season that is often painful and difficult. The only way for this to be possible is for us to daily learn to surrender everything- our jobs, our income, our bills, our talents and dreams- and say “Here Lord. These are yours. Do with them what you will.”

Psalm 18:25 says, “To the faithful you show yourself faithful…” We are daily storming heaven, “reminding” Him of this promise. For now it is our job to faithfully live out what He has called us to with what He has given us, and know that ultimately we have no power in our own right to live out the desires and plans He has created in us.

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4 thoughts on “Struggling to Be Patient with God

  1. I struggle with this too! After almost 4 years of marriage and God showing up in crazy ways time and time again, it’s amazing how I am tempted to lose faith in what He is trying to do when life becomes tough or uncertain.

    On a practical note, we are facing a potential major income drop also, so I know how frustrating that feels. We’ll be praying for Mike’s job :)… he IS a talented guy!

    • Thanks Amanda!

      I think for now we are going to try to rearrange our schedules so that Mike can just have a day off instead of being cut early all the time, and then he can stay home with Olivia that day to save on $$$ to the babysitter. He put out 2 more resumes last night- thanks for praying!

      We’ll be praying for you guys too. We know so many people struggling with jobs right now- it’s really tough!

  2. I love that although you are talking about a struggle, you have scripture loaded in this post. God’s got your back, even if things seem crazy & uncertain for you…and holding on to Him, especially through scripture, will sustain you.

    What does Mike do &/or what kind of work is he looking to pursue? We’ve grown to know a lot of people in the Dayton area since being here for almost 5 years. Maybe we can help connect you guys.

    Also…a friend of mine is looking to start her own in-home daycare/preschool type thing in Miamisburg. I’m not sure what your babysitting situation is like, but perhaps looking into alternative options there can squeeze out some more money for ya’ll. Just a thought! 🙂

    • Jonelle-

      Thanks so much for the encouragement. Mike has a degree in business-marketing and he has taught himself web design. He also enjoys photography, and someday I think he wants to have his own design/photography business. But anything in marketing, especially web based, would be great right now!

      We have a great babysitter right now, but if anything changes I will definitely contact you. 🙂 Thanks!

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