“So, Are We Crazy??”- Meeting the Financial Planner

“So, are we crazy??” That is the question I was basically asking the other night as I met with Mike’s and my new financial planner and investor.

We have never, ever had a financial planner. For heaven’s sake, I’m pretty sure we have a negative net worth at the moment. But through listening to Dave Ramsey’s podcast and reading his book, The Total Money Makeover, I have learned that it is super important to have a couple of things, especially when you have little ones to take care of: a will and life insurance. These two things are a gift to our daughter.

Since we have never purchased life insurance, I went to our current auto and renter’s insurance provider to get some quotes. However, we have never been super thrilled about our agent, and like with many insurance salesmen, we aren’t totally sure he is into consideration our best interest. Aside from that, we are now learning this whole “new to us” philosophy about handling our money, and we want to know that we can trust our financial advisors to give us advice and support us in that journey.

Lucky for us, Dave actually has what he calls Endorsed Local Providers, or ELPs as he calls them, which are basically different local people that Dave recommends for anything from real estate, to health insurance, to taxes. These are people who are familiar with Dave and what he teaches, and they have agreed to provide their services to people in a way that falls in line with that philosophy.

Mike and I did a search for auto, renters, and life insurance and hit the jackpot when we found a great couple who specializes in insurance, investments, and taxes. They and their staff have been absolutely wonderful in every email and phone interaction, and just the other night I had the pleasure of actually meeting them at their office for a free consultation.

The most encouraging thing for me was that the agent, Steve, did not laugh at me when I told them we were trying to pay off our $15,000 in twenty months, and then told him that we are probably making about $25,000 a year or so at the moment. In fact, Steve was very positive, and said that he was sure that, with a little determination, we could do it in less than 20 months. He walked us through the next few years and gave us some advice for what we could be doing with our money in a few years once we are DEBT FREE. And he also got the ball rolling for us on some life insurance quotes, the thing we need in the immediate.

Over-all I think the meeting was just what we needed to encourage us that we are headed in the right direction, and that no, we are not crazy. Well at least not to Dave and his ELP Steve! And as Dave would say, anyone who would think we are crazy is probably broke anyway, so what does their opinion matter? 🙂 Thanks, Dave.


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