Vacuuming My Scrambled Eggs and More…

This past week went pretty smoothly…until we got to Friday.

As my husband so sweetly informed you, my birthday was Saturday, and Friday we headed back to our hometown for a little celebration with family and friends.

WELL since I started a new job this past week, I haven’t really gotten into the flow for keeping up with our housework, and the result was that I had about a million things to do in the short three hours I had between work and leaving town.

The result: in order to save time cleaning up after lunch (scrambled eggs with cheese and toast for both Olivia and I), I ended up wiping all of the crumbs and scrambled egg chunks from Olivia’s clothes and high chair onto the floor…and vacuumed the whole mess up. At least I had enough foresight to then empty the vacuum. I would not want to find out how long eggs keep in your vacuum.

Then my wonderful birthday surprise the next morning: I had forgotten any sort of pants for Olivia. She had her jammies and her snowsuit. So Mike had to make an 8am run to the local Wal-Mart for some pants. And of course they only had bright orange pants, which looked amazing with Olivia’s purple and pink top. I forgot the camera too, or I would share pictures! Below is at least the top she was wearing…

And here is what Olivia thinks of THAT!

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