The Appearance of Space Cadet Kate and Why I Will Never Grocery Shop with Mike Again

On the road this week I made a nice fool of myself. I noticed an upcoming light turning red, so like the good driver that I am, I slowed to a stop. A full block away from the light. A full block. A couple kids walking home from school gave me a few funny looks. I thought it was because I was singing along to the radio. So I sang louder just to prove their funny looks couldn’t throw me for a loop. Then the light turned green. And I realized the funny looks were because I was stopped in the middle of the road for no obvious reason. Chalk another one up to space cadet Kate.

This week was a sad week for my kitchen. I managed to COMPLETELY explode some tortilla dough all over the place in my mixer. I guess I should have slowly added the flour to the wet ingredients instead of throwing it all in the bowl at once and turning my mixer loose on the contents! I ended up with tortilla on me, the microwave, the wall, all over the counter, all over my newly cleaned dishes in the drying rack, all over the floor… Luckily the tortillas still tasted good.

I also botched the first batch of waffles made in my new waffle iron (a birthday gift). How do you botch waffles, especially when you have a waffle mix you’re working with? Well again, I think my mixing skills need improvement. I mixed the mix, oil, and eggs first, and then tried adding the milk. No go. It was like the flour/oil/egg mixture had formed an impermeable wall that the milk just could not cross. Oh, and my waffle iron was on too low, so we ended up with a crumbly mess of undercooked who-knows-what. Yum.

Finally, I made the sorry mistake of requesting to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work, even though it was already Olivia’s nap time and way passed our lunch time. Hungry and cranky (and that was just the adults) we got into a little “discussion” about what kind of milk we should get based on the coupons in my purse. And we ended up going over our February grocery budget by $7 because I finally gave in and tried to speed through the rest of shopping I didn’t even stop to consider my coupons, prices, and sales.

Or maybe I can just blame the deficit on my super-shopper eight month old? Those sweet, big brown eyes… all our wallets might be in trouble!

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