In Case You Ever Doubt His Faithfulness

Ok, remind me about this post in two weeks when I freak out that we don’t have enough money for x, y, or z. Once again in our life God has answered our prayer that he would “show himself faithful to we who are faithful” (or at least, we’re trying to be…)

Psalm 18 has been one of those staple Psalms around our house these past few weeks. If you ever find yourself in a rough spot, I can guarantee you will feel encouraged reading it.

So let me tell you a little story about our life right now.

I ended last week in tears as we looked over our budget and realized that with Mike’s loss of income this month, and the fact that I didn’t start my job until the second week of February instead of the first week as planned, we are going to have a budget short-fall this month. To the tune of $600.

Praise God our tax refund money was just direct deposited so we can pay our bills this month, but it was a little disheartening because we were looking forward to using that money to pay off debt. We were still able to use some money for our debt, but $600 is a big chunk of change!

Beside that, we redid our budget to account for Mike’s new income and came to the horrible realization that we do not make enough to cover our bills. Ok, I’m not talking we don’t have enough to buy a pizza out on Fridays, or we don’t have enough to go out to the mall this weekend for new clothes. I mean literally, we don’t make enough to cover our energy bill, our rent, our health insurance, put food on the table- that kind of we don’t have enough

Enter my total freak out. Enter Psalm 18- prayed, yelled, screamed and sobbed back at God.

“In my distress I called to the LORD;
I cried to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice;
my cry came before him, into his ears…

He parted the heavens and came down…” (Psalm 18: 6&9a)

And guess what? He did. Not like He came down and stood in my living room and wrote me a check for $1,000,000 courtesy of heaven (and, I mean, even if he just sent Gabriel, that would be fine too). But in several still, quiet, unobtrusive ways, He parted heaven and came down.

For one- we have been planning to join a worship set at the House of Prayer about 40 minutes from our house but realized we would be unable to because of gas money. We told our team leader and that night she handed us a $20 bill and said, “That should cover you for two weeks. We’ll keep praying for more to keep you coming!”

Another- my family is having a reunion in Memphis the first weekend of April that I have really, really been looking forward to. It doesn’t happen very often that my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents are all in one place! But there is certainly no room in the budget for a trip, even if all we need to cover is transportation.

Mike specifically prayed on Friday that God would provide a way for at least Olivia and me to get to Memphis. I made peace in my heart over the weekend that I would not be able to make this trip happen. Monday morning I got an email from my stepmom saying that they didn’t have room in their car for me and Olivia to hitchhike down, but could she buy us a plane ticket instead? Um, YES!?

A third (and final, although I’m sure there are a million more stories, some I’m not even aware of!)- my office manager decided Monday that she doesn’t like her job and that she wants to focus more on this ministry she is building at home. So she called a meeting with the President and announced that she was laying herself off. Long story short, the President then asked me, if, since she is leaving, would I like some more hours? Um, YES!?? With my new income all of our bills are paid. There will still be no pizza or trips to the mall, but the necessities are covered, thank you Jesus.

Mike is still going to be getting a small part-time job so that we can get serious about getting that debt off our backs, but we’re glad that at least he won’t be working so hard to just keep ourselves from digging a deeper hole. He’ll be working to fill the stupid hole that we are in back up to the sweet sunlight of being DEBT FREE!

How about you? What’s God doing? Got any cool stories of how he provided for you in a tangible way?

PS. Read Psalm 18. It is so freaking cool when it talks about how he comes down of heaven- it describes him like this angry, blazing fire, consuming all our enemies in this rage like, “Just what do you think you are doing messing with my most precious ones??” I mean seriously, I don’t think we understand the depth of his love and care for us!

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