Why I Eat Ice Cream Way Too Slowly.

(Written by Mike)

A sort of small eureka! moment wandered into my little brain the other day. I promptly shut all exit points to prevent its escape. It is still meandering about in there, somewhere.

It happened while I was eating ice cream. Now, anyone who tells you eating sweets does nothing but harm is simply wrong. Many of my most provoking thoughts come mid-mastication of a chocolate chip cookie, bite of brownie, and sips of doppio cubano espresso with a pump of vanilla topped with a stroop waffle (otherwise known as the famous Roots Special).

So, mid-lick as I was, this thought came to me. I noticed just how quickly I was cramming this delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream into my mouth, and thought, “Why am I eating this so quickly?”. I was barely even noticing how the ice cream tasted, the sweetness of the rich vanilla cream and the deep warm chocolate tones and rich bits cookie dough texture were hardly registering in my consciousness. It was as if I had something else more grand to accomplish with my time and this ice cream was an obstacle that I had to just get through to reach my destination.

I slowed down. It took me ten-ish minutes to eat a bowl of ice cream. It was strange and wonderful living in that beautiful and tasty moment, with my exhausted wife burrowing into my arms for comfort and warmth. This may have been one of the first times I have actually stopped to enjoy a moment.

I find myself all too often flying through life, trying to get to some unforeseen destination. One day leads into the next and I am always looking ahead. The future is where my mind lives, and I never get to enjoy the small nuances of life, the bowls of ice cream. The world spins faster than it used to, faster than is good for it, I am sure.

This season of our lives is a desperately tough one. We are anxious to climb out of it, to get to that other destination we are sure is ahead of us. We are learning though that there are some very good things along the way. Life happens between point A and point B, and it is so hard to remember that when it seems like you are stuck at that gross rest-stop halfway between for some time.

Take some time to consider if you are allowing yourself some “ice cream” moments. Unplug for a while. Take time to live now, life is too short not to.


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