The Salad in My Washing Machine

**Note: This post is not for the faint and queasy.

I love love love my washable diapers. I really do. In fact, because I am afraid that this post will cause those of you who have always been a little too afraid to try them to turn your backs on them forever, I am a little hesitant to post this. Maybe in the future I’ll write a whole long post about the advantages and benefits of cloth diapering (and wipe that image of metal pins and white cotton rectangles out of your brain. Cloth diapers have come a loooong way in recent years!)

But this was way too awful not to share.

For the most part, the cloth diapers are just a toss-in-the-diaper-bucket, dump-in-the-washing-machine-and-go kind of deal. No more mess or hassle than your disposables, and I’ve enjoyed that luxury for eight months with Olivia. I also do some “elimination communication” so it’s not often that I have to deal with messy diapers anyway (that is a whole other post too!)

That is why I didn’t think twice when we had a diaper-load of peas and corn one afternoon. We went about things as usual, and that night I dumped my full diaper bucket into the washing machine to run over-night so we would have a fresh stash the next day.

Well the next morning we certainly did have a fresh stash, ready to be tossed in the dryer for 20 minutes and go. We also had a freshly laundered, pre-digested pea-and-corn salad. Yum.

I tried just putting the machine on a rinse cycle to see if that would clean up the mess, but no, that did not work. So I had to reach in there and scrape a couple of handfuls of peas and corn off the sides of the machine myself. I kept telling myself that they were clean… they had been through a hot cycle AND been doused in a lot of liquid detergent. But I still never really was able to get over the fact that they had passed though my daughter’s digestive system already.

Lesson learned. Next time we have some solid foods come through the pipes, we’re going to make sure and shake ’em off in the toilet first. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The Salad in My Washing Machine

  1. Oh my goodness, that was not a fun surprise you found! Just thought I’d send a little empathy your way. This mom of three, has dealt with many gross mishaps also. Just wait til what you find in the diaper is not or wasn’t ever edible! Anna ate decorative stones out of a vase at Hap and Mary Ellen’s and I didn’t even know it til the next “messy diaper”…but that’s a whole other story on why toddlers need close supervision :).

    • Looks like I’m just at the beginning, then! Olivia figured out how to pull herself up and took her first step holding on to the coffee table yesterday… I’m going to miss those days of immobility!

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