Baby Barf and Why Mike Is Not Allowed to Dress Olivia

So, my sweet husband filled you in on the vomit episode from Saturday. Let me give you my perspective.

My darling baby had her head nestled on my shoulder, which in retrospect should have made me suspicious because that type of behavior is very uncharacteristic of her as she is always a busy bee, especially when we are out and about! Then, all of a sudden, she exploded. All over the front of me. Through three layers of clothing.

The poor little kid was suddenly pastey white, but, being the champ that she is, she didn’t even cry. She just snuggled in even closer (and slept most of the rest of the afternoon).

Olivia has always been a “spitter” (a happy one), but Saturday was the freak-mom-out-because-the-entire-contents-of-baby’s-stomach-including-the-juices-that-should-never-see-the-light-of-day kind of vomiting episode. It was the first- and probably not the last- in my mothering career, and it was seriously one of the scariest moments of my life! I looked at Mike, probably pale as a ghost, and said something like, “You better call the doctor. NOW!”

Luckily we have a family friend who is a doctor and who gave us some advice and helped calm me down. We also had my mom with us, and she was very helpful in assuring me that the end of the world was not upon us. Anyway, we got Olivia home and cleaned up, and she (thankfully) was happy to drink some milk and then lie down and snooze the rest of the day.

Her fever is now gone, she only lost her lunch (actually, I think it was breakfast) that one time, and she seemed pretty much back to normal the next day. In fact, she seemed so much better that I decided to get her dressed in an outfit for the day instead of leaving her in her pajamas to lounge around. So, while I got her diaper changed, I had daddy do the outfit picking.

Oh boy. The outfit he originally picked is on the left (including the leg warmers on her arms and the mismatched socks). After she soaked through that original outfit during an extra long nap, we came up with the outfit she is wearing in the picture as a compromise. We do not lack for creativity in this household!

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