Changing Our Mindset Toward Money

Warning: This post may be provocative…

Let’s not forget the whole reason that this blog exists. Sure, we are discussing our journey from being $15,000 in the hole to being debt-free, but the main thrust of this blog is to help change people’s mindset toward money and living.
So far, we have covered our action steps for creating and sticking to a budget (we throw in some other entertaining things along the way), and we will continue to shell out tips and tricks for keeping your budget in line.
But I do want to pause for a moment now to really consider how we (collectively) look at money.
If you are anything like me, you are striving hard toward the goal of being financially stable, even wealthy enough to afford a nice house, a nice vacation, nice meals that contain items that don’t begin with Mc__, and a nice future for your children.
There is nothing wrong with wanting those things, nothing at all. But when life starts to become a monotony of waking up, going to work, and thinking solely of ways to have more income so we can have more/do more, this is where the problem comes in.
Whether you are rich, broke, or middle class, money is more than likely a false sense of security in your life. You try to earn more money in hopes that it will give you a nice and cushy life. When you have more money all of your stress will go away, you will no longer worry about anything, and life will be just a great big party. Anything that life throws your way you will be able to handle now that you have a bunch of cash stockpiled, right?
Let’s consider Japan. I am praying for the people of Japan since a huge earthquake devastated parts of the country on Friday. But did you know that Japan is perhaps the nation most “prepared” for a tsunami just like the one that hit it? Children are trained from the time they can walk to know exactly what to do in case of a tidal wave hitting the shore. The government has action plans set in place in order to stem the amount of damages done by such an event.

Yet as you have seen, all of these preparations were nothing but a false sense of security. Sure, it helped a lot to have prepared for this disaster. Things would have been much worse if they hadn’t, but damages are reaching into astronomically high monetary proportions. Many lives have been lost, and Japan will never be the same.  All of their carefully thought out defenses were wiped away by a wave.

If you build your life on a stack of money, the same thing will happen to you. You think you have it all planned out, but a wave will come and knock the ground right out from under you. The stock market crashes, the housing bubble pops, the company you work for goes under, you are left without your money-crutch to lean on. Now what?

Thankfully, there is a better way. There is no coincidence that Jesus talks about money more than anything other than the Kingdom of God. He offers a very different way of living in regards to money. This is way too deep a subject to broach on this post, but if you want to look at what He says, here are some good starting points. We will be talking about what God says about life and money every Wednesday, so keep your eye out for that if you are interested.

Here is the challenging part. We want you to live an awesome life, and we believe you can’t do that if money is what drives you. If you are feeling pretty comfortable right now, give your money away for a month. Live on a meager budget. Kate and I are doing this, and not by choice, but we are finding so much life in living simply. There is a freedom there that is hard to express.

Try living simply for one month, and giving away as much of your income as possible, just to see what happens. Just to see how your view of the world changes. Just to see how much more empathy you gain for those less fortunate. If you commit to doing this, we want to know. Leave a comment below and let us know how your month goes.

As always, if you enjoy our blog, please let others know. Click on the buttons below if you want to share a link on facebook or twitter. We want to reach as many people as possible, and you our dedicated readers will make that happen. Our goal is for this to blog to have sponsors in the future so that Kate will be able to stay home and dedicate her time to doing this and taking care of Olivia and we need your help in order for that to happen. Thanks for reading and joining us on our journey.



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