Something Is Living In. My. Toaster-oven.

I was going about my day as usual. It was 4:30 p.m. and I was busily getting dinner together: taco salad with some homemade tortilla chips. The Dave Ramsey Live show was pumping out of my MacBook as I whisked around the kitchen, baby content to watch the action from my arms.

Then I went to put my tortilla chips in the toaster-oven. And I turned the knob to “toast.”

And a BIG. HAIRLESS. WHITE. SPIDER CRAWLED OUT. Out of my toaster-oven knob. It was living in my toaster-oven.

I’m mildly arachnophobic, but I can deal with spiders in a level headed manner. One once landed on me in an airplane and the passenger next to me commented how calmly I handled the situation, smushing that thing with my little airplane snack napkin with grace and swiftness.

So I’m cool as a cucumber around spiders, right? Yeah, right. Something about a spider living in your regular old small kitchen appliance just sets off a whole new level of spider-induced-fear.

I got a rag and killed that thing so fast it didn’t know what hit it. But the rest of the day every single brush of a hair against my neck was a giant spider making its landing. Olivia thought I was nuts. I thought I was nuts. And I’m getting the chills again just thinking about it…

Yep Olivia, that’s how I feel too.

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Olivia Crying


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