My Budget Boot Camp Day 10: In-Home Entertainment (Including the Cell Phone)

Still with me after 9 intense days of working that budget? We’re almost done, I promise.

In case you want to take a look back and see how far we’ve come already, so far we’ve tackled:

Now we’re getting into some of the real budget-cutting hotspots, starting with the in-home entertainment budget, which includes cable, internet, and the cell phone bill (admit it, it’s 90% entertainment).


This one is easy breezy. We don’t have it. In fact, we, being the awesome people that you know and love, don’t even have a T.V. Shocking, right?

Don’t worry though, we are not culture deprived hermits- which, by the way, is what people often express when they find out that haven’t joined the flat screen plasma ranks. “A child in the house, and no T.V.? How will she be able to relate to her peers and come out normal??” Well I didn’t have a T.V. growing up either, and I turned out just fine (I think… although this blog might contain evidence to the contrary…)

Anyway, we’re not really missing out on the latest movies and shows, because we’ve found ways to get them for free. It’s called a library card.

Our library stocks the latest major motion pictures and TV shows on DVD (and a whole ton of the not-so-latest ones too) to check out for free and watch on our laptop at home. And any TV show we can’t find at the library we can typically find on or

And in the end, our family spends a lot less time vegging in front of a screen and spends more time engaging each other in conversation, exploring creative outlets, reading, and (now this is a shock), exercising our brains. Not even Baby Einstein can replace that.


Kate at the Computer

We have wireless at our house, but we don’t have to pay for it. It’s part of our rent (sweet!).

Before our landlord installed the internet, though, we used, again, the library. They have computers you can use to get online and check email or pay bills, and they also have wi-fi so you can bring your own laptop to use. We were there a lot before we got the internet at our place!

Even when Olivia came and it wasn’t so easy to just pop over to the library for an hour and surf the web, we figured out ways to make it work. I would go spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon while Mike watched Olivia (a nice break for all!), or I would go after Olivia was in bed for the night. I didn’t do a whole lot of “fun” stuff online, but it was enough to check emails (and maybe a little Facebook too), and manage bills.

However, when we move we will probably get wireless at our new place because Mike has started his own design business and I’m blogging. Because we are (or hopefully will be) making an income off of our internet use, it would be pretty important to have the internet wherever we live! If it wasn’t a money-making deal, though? I wouldn’t get it.

Cell Phone

Our cell phone bill is $35 a month. You heard me! Thirty-five dollars a month.

First of all, Mike and I only have one phone. Yep, we share! I have the phone most of the time, though, because I can always call Mike on his work line if I need him during the day, and he otherwise does not need a phone while at work.

For those of you who are freaking out because “What if Mike got into an emergency and he didn’t have a phone?” Relax. Just in case, Mike carries a prepaid, cheapie phone from Wal Mart. We’ve literally never used it.

Besides being a one-phone-family here is a lis of some of the other crazy things we do with our cell phone bill to save money:

  • We don’t have the internet. On our cell phone that is. Never have, not sure if we ever will. And it’s one less thing to distract us in our busy days, being instantly alerted to every new email or Facebook comment.
  • We don’t have “data” texting. About two years ago we got this ridiculously large cell phone bill (like $600 or something) because somehow when I went to text a picture to someone something happened and my phone was “online” for several hours. Luckily customer service helped us out of that jam, but Mike promptly cut us off from ever being able to send pictures and movies via text again.
  • We don’t even have regular texting. Text was the last thing to go on our cell phone plan. We held on to it for a long time thinking there was just no way it would work to not have texting. Guess what? It’s been a month-and-a-half and we’re still alive and well. And so are all of our friends.

Is it hard sometimes? Sure. There are days when Olivia does something extra cute and I wish I could send an instant pic to my mom. But really? I think I’m able to be a whole lot more “in the moment” with my daughter, my husband, my family, and my friends now. And it’s not worth it to me to pay $100 a month for all of those things which, in reality, are not necessary.

How about you?

What do you live without in the name of saving money (or time or brain cells?) Have you found a really cheap way to get cable, internet, or cell phone service that you really love? Leave a comment! I would love to hear what you have to say!

Also- if you are enjoying this blog, tell your friends or leave a link on Facebook! I would really appreciate it!

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12 thoughts on “My Budget Boot Camp Day 10: In-Home Entertainment (Including the Cell Phone)

  1. Loving the website Kate and the “real” statements you are making. We are with you on the cell-phone internet thing. We are on a family plan with my mom and sister. We pay $45 a month total for both phones. We do get texting which is helpful at times because it is included in the package. On the tv thing- baby einstein is no match for what you are feeding little Olivia 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah. I’m glad you are enjoying it. That is awesome that you only have to pay $45 a month for two lines AND texting! Who is your carrier?

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  8. Kate!!! I clicked on your facebook posting about the tortilla chips. What a great blog you have! I didn’t know that you had such great ideas. I’m glad you posted!

  9. It sounds like we’re very similar 🙂 I don’t have a cell phone (my family/friends think I’m totally nuts lol), and my hubby’s is paid for by his work, or he wouldn’t have one.

    No cable either, though we do have a tv. The only channel we get in is PBS, and then we spend $10 a month for Netlix, which I absolutley adore!

    We also have high speed internet, and that’s our big splurge. I loooove the internet, and use it for blogging, finding recipes, research etc. Hubby likes it for online gaming (he plays Evony, which is pretty much a glorified Sims City-but it’s free to play so I don’t give him too much grief 🙂 ), and catching up on hockey since he can’t watch it on tv. We pay $75 a month, but that also includes our home phone as well.

    • Nice to know someone else is a little nuts! Ha!

      We are so blessed to have internet covered at our current house, and we actually had it for free at our last apartment! It is definitely a budget-saver for us, because too use it a LOT! And we don’t have a landline. Just the cell phone.

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