DIY Swiffer Sweeper Cloths

Anybody else out there use a Swiffer style of sweeper or mop? I do. I like my Swiffer- it was cheap (got it at Big Lots!), it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and it’s pretty convenient compared to other mops. The only bummer- having to buy replacement cloths because the ones they supply are disposable.

Well be bummed no longer- I’ve come up with a solution. I took one of those old-school rectangular cotton diapers (a few bucks per pack of 6 or so at Wal Mart) and secured it on the bottom for my own, reusable Swiffer cloth. I can use it dry to dust, mist it a little to pick up hard to get pieces, or dunk it in hot soapy water for an all out mopping session. I’m betting any cloth would work- just cut it into a managable recangular size. I just like the diapers because they are nice and thick and abosorbant.


Cleaning this little face while keeping my work outfit from getting messy in the morning? Not so easy.


7 thoughts on “DIY Swiffer Sweeper Cloths

  1. We’ve never used Swiffers because of this reason. The refills. And no paper towels either. I know we’re DINKs! But we have two hairy dogs. We clean a lot. Our solution is dust mops with washable clothes. No diapers in our house.:) Brooms still work too.

    • I bet the dust mops work much better since that is what they are designed for! We just used diapers because that’s what we have on hand. And we don’t buy paper towels OR napkins either! We use ALL washable.

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