Guest Post: The Death of Our American Dream

I perpetually think that there are people out there who are not in the midst of some sort of struggle. Now that we are doing this blog and getting feedback from so many random and awesome people I am beginning to believe the contrary. We have heard from total strangers that they love our blog and are encouraged by us sharing our struggles and hopes and they can “totally relate”. Thank you for the encouragement.

This notion that people are generally okay is one of the things that makes it hard to continually write about our struggles. I guess our goal is to help to break that myth that everyone is fine all the time, that it is okay to bring your darkness into the light, that asking for help is not only okay, but actually really healthy.

Sometimes we are tempted to think that we are failing at life. There is something wrong with us, we can’t do this on our own. We don’t have a steady income and a nice house and can’t go on vacations or out to dinner when we want. That is the good life. Right? The American Dream is slowly unraveling before our eyes, we are finding it really only tertiary in our hopes for our lives.

What we really want is to be deep and thoughtful people who have a unique story to tell about how God completely ruined our lives in order to give us an exciting and fulfilling life that we couldn’t ever imagine.

So if you are struggling with something, as I am sure you are, start asking God if He is destroying part of your inadequate dreams and hopes in order that you may find real life.

-Guest Post by Mike R.

I think all this packing and moving is starting to get to little peanut!


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Death of Our American Dream

  1. Wow, exactly what I needed to hear. It’s been a rough couple days. Two pieces of bad news have come to us. I was planning on calling Kate soon to fill her in on it.

  2. Totally feel the SAME way. And I actually get frightened to show the parts of my life that go well because I don’t want people to think that the good parts came easy or that they come in plenty….we just take our blessings as they come and truly appreciate them.

    I rejected the American Dream when I married a non-American.

    • Thanks for the comment, Sheila. It is hard to share the real stuff of life in general, easy or hard, but we are learning that life is more enjoyable the more we are able to share our journey with others. We look forward to seeing what happens to you all, I am sure your life will be nothing short of exciting!

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