The Great Houdini (Crib Fail)

I’m seriously debating sharing this one, but it is just too insane not to. Count this as the first major OMG parenting moment in our books. Please, please, please don’t judge me, k? Here goes…

So Olivia brewed up a nice double ear infection this week, and there were a couple of nights she was up a few times in the middle of the night boo-hoo-ing. On a typical, not sick night, we let her “cry it out” (again don’t judge), because we’ve found that she just gets more riled up when we come stumbling in in the middle of the night to intervene. And she usually just whimpers for a few minutes and then conks out again.

Of course, when Olivia is sick, we’re a lot more attentive, but we monitor the cry: soft whimpers that indicate that she’s just tired and resettling= no mom and dad intervention (she needs her rest). Full blown, “I’m in pain/freaking out” crying gets immediate mom or dad intervention.

So when Olivia made a pretty startled cry at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday night, I immediately bounded out of bed and was poised at her door, ready to come to the rescue if needed. However, once the sleep fog cleared my brain, I noted that Olivia’s crying, despite being intense for the first few seconds, was now down to a dull “woo-woo”- the kind of cry that means she’s about to find herself back in la-la-land. I decided to not go in and blow the whole thing.

4:30 a.m.- the crying begins again. It’s not panicked or anything, but it’s clear Olivia is not going to resettle so easily this time. Enter mom.

O.k.- so mom is standing bleary eyed over the crib. Olivia is crying. The humidifier is making it’s dull hum in the background. The night light in the hall is casting silhouettes of the furniture on the walls. The only problem with this scenario? Baby girl is not in her crib.

I repeat: Baby girl is not in her crib.

She is on the floor, half under the crib, curled up in a little ball and stumble crawling (imagine how you walk when you are half a sleep and translate into a crawl) towards the general direction of the door. O-M-G.

I scooped my little peanut up off the floor and decided that she would be spending the rest of the “night” with us, although no one really slept much, both because Olivia is pretty squirmy and because mom and dad were lying there trying to figure out what the heck happened.

In the “morning” (around 6:30 a.m.), Mike and I made an inspection of the crib and came up with two possible scenarios for Olivia’s midnight escape, although neither one is a completely satisfying answer.

Scenario #1: One of us (Kate) sleep walked into the room in put her down on the floor. I don’t buy it because I’m pretty sure Olivia would not have let that happen without some serious protest. Although, it could have happened and that is why she started crying? Who knows. If so, that definitely tops my list of weird things I have done in my sleep.

Scenario #2: We discovered that one of the screws was missing, and, although it would have taken considerable force at just the right angle, it might have been possible that Olivia pushed open the bars and slipped out. Our little bandit. We bought a screw that afternoon just to be safe.

Oh, and the best part? That morning when I got to work and opened my Google homepage look what I found:

A tribute to Harry Houdini, who would have turned 137 that day. I don’t even know if there can be any further words after that.

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4 thoughts on “The Great Houdini (Crib Fail)

  1. I can only imagine that first initial panic when you realized she wasn’t in the crib! Just reading it made my heart jump. This is why I have a video monitor. For my often irrational mom “what it” moments. I am glad she’s ok and this is just one of those things that happens. No one’s fault so don’t feel bad. And I think we all know that a little crying it out never hurts when it is used how you described!
    Just a head’s up too.. your link back that shows up when you leave a comment isn’t working. It took me to a blank version of your site. I got really sad thinking your blog was gone. Happy to see you are still here! Oh and moving… ugh!

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