Moving: It’s Hard

Read about our move to Community Living here!

This is what my front foyer looks like: a maze of boxes full of things I will not see for the next year or so. *sigh*

We moved our first couple of loads into our new place, and I could not believe the emotions that welled up knowing that this bedroom, in someone else’s house, is going to be my “home” for the next season of life. It’s not so easy saying goodbye to your own home, your own space, your own stuff. I don’t think I could do it if I didn’t really think that this move will be a benefit to us in the long run.

I think I’m most worried about raising a baby in someone else’s house. Babies wake up and cry in the middle of the night. Babies get into things. Babies are messy and loud. I am so afraid of living out life as a new mom in front of others. I need a lot of grace to let go of that and just be myself, and let Olivia be Olivia.

Besides that, I’m going to miss my kitchen! All my kitchen gadgets took up about 6 boxes, plus a few bags and odds and ends that will be going with us to the new place. Other moving stats:

  • 33 boxes & a few odds and ends going into storage
  • 1 dresser, and 5 chairs going into storage
  • 6 carloads going to the new place (seriously…where did we get all this stuff??)
  • 1 dresser, 1 bookshelf, 2 coffee tables, 1 desk, 1 kitchen table, 1 couch, and 1 arm chair given away to friends
  • 1 box spring and mattress, 1 bookshelf, 1 crib, 1 rocking chair going to the new place (thank God for friends with trucks!)
  • 1 carload sitting in my dad-in-law’s garage in Columbus to be sold at a garage sale sometime this spring
  • 7 days from when we decided to move to the day we will be totally moved out
  • 1 baby that thinks the ever changing landscape of boxes in our house is the coolest maze imaginable
  • 11 months left until we will be DEBT-FREE
  • $700 a month freed up to go exclusively toward debt

We can do it!

Thanks everyone for your encouragement, advice, and help moving! 🙂 Keep it coming guys. I need it.

Read more thoughts on Community Living here!


7 thoughts on “Moving: It’s Hard

  1. You can do it! I remember the “where did all this stuff come from” feeling of moving also. I know it’s hard, but for me I ended up finding it very freeing to have less stuff. Now even though we have waaaaaay less people living in the house, I still enjoy keeping a far more spartan home than I ever did before living in community. Less to vacuum and dust around, less space taken up, less random things to dig through when you need to find something. Less to worry about.

    I refused to get rid of my magnalite pots though. I will die with my arms wrapped around those suckers.

    • Ha- that made me laugh. I feel similarly about my calphalon pans and my mixer. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration- learning to live in community will be a GREAT thing!

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