Guest Post: Giving and Getting

Today has been a whirlwind of family for Olivia and I: we’re in Memphis for the weekend visiting my grandparents and several other family members. But I promised a fun guest post… and here it is!

Amy has been a friend of mine for about 4 years- she is the associate director of the college ministry Campus Crusade (CRU as we call it) at Bowling Green State University, my alma mater, and she was my mentor for a year while there. She is a fabulous mentor, friend, and, most important of all, wife and mother to a little guy named Robby who is almost 4. She’s also newly pregnant! Yay!

Amy SeiffertAmy blogs at and has recently gotten some attention for an interesting project she’s in the middle of: she’s been wearing the exact same dress for 138 days and counting. She’s going to be wearing it for 6 months total…and not because she’s crazy wierd or anything. She’s doing it to raise awareness (and money) for The Daughter Project, a new ministry that is devoted to rescuing girls and women from sex traffiking. I had no idea until Amy got involved in this ministry that girls and women are being forced into slavery right in our very own backyards here in the United States of America.

Thanks to efforts by Amy and ountless others, people are really starting to take notice to this tragedy occuring daily in the lives of women and girls in our country and across the world, and CNN is actually starting what they are calling The CNN Freedom Project: Ending Modern-Day Slavery, which they hope will blow the lid on this horrendous practice and bring hope and freedom to women who have been forced into a devastating life.

You can learn more on Amy’s blog, but here are her thoughts today, day number 138 of wearing the same little gray dress and learning about what we can do to help end modern-day slavery:

Giving and Getting.

 These seem to sum up, in a base way, what we do as humans during our days. We have output and input. In every area of our lives – we give and receive throughout the day. I give love to my son, and receive it from him. I give money and get groceries. I give my emotional strength to a friend and later receive from her when I am in need. I give instruction and receive obedience from my son.

Giving and getting.

And over the past 138 days I have wanted a heart posture that seeks to give more than I seek to get.

 For 138 days, I have gotten out of bed and put on the same gray dress. Every. Single. Day. I have done this to raise awareness and money for The Daughter Project.

I want to give my voice for those who have no voice.

 I want to give my money, that I would have spent on myself and my clothing for half a year, to helping this recovery home be built. (I have raised, along with others who have helped me, $1405!)

I want to give my time to speak and help others understand why these women need help, harm reduction, safety and redemption.
I want to give hope to those who have never known hope, peace to those who know abuse, real love to those who know a twisted love-hate slavery.

 I want to give my son good teaching on how to love like a real man and how to treat women: with dignity, respect, value and worth.

 I want my life to be about giving, about planting, about sacrifice, about sowing. And not just for the sake of giving. But because giving is the source of real life.

“I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels–a plentiful harvest of new lives.” – Jesus


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