You Know It’s Going to Be A Good Week When…

You just know it’s going to be good when you start the week off by driving a hamster around in the front seat of your car for half the day. Moonpie, my late-pregnancy, maternal-instincts-kicking-in, impulse buy was in for the shock of his lifetime when one chilly morning I had to strap him in the front seat of our car, drive  him to work, and leave him in the car until later that afternoon when I could move him in to his new home. And by strapped in, I don’t mean he literally sat buckled up in my front seat by myself- I strapped his cage with him in the cage. FYI- no animals were hurt in the writing of this post, in case you were wondering how it all turned out. Back off, PETA.

Beloved Uncles Tom & John in Memphis

Honestly, considering that we packed up and moved within about 5 days, it ended up not being too bad of a week! Olivia and I flew to Memphis Thursday night and returned late last night. You might think a 9 month old, on a plane past her bedtime might be a recipe for major mayhem, but she did beautifully. She didn’t even sleep. She: threw cheerios on the ground, ripped up the Sky Mall Catalog, threw the rest of the contents of the seat pocket on the ground, tried to throw the contents of my purse on the ground, banged on the windows, banged on our seat-buddy (who was nice about it), banged on me, sang songs to various passengers, tried all sorts of methods of escape, and experimented with raising and lowering the seat tray table. And didn’t cry once.

Ok, looking back at what I just wrote, maybe it was a little mayhem-y. But there was no meltdown! And I consider it a major compliment when several passengers commented that they didn’t even realize there was a baby on the plane, and our seat-buddy, despite being Olivia’s makeshift drum set, said he would be a passenger with Olivia over any other kid any day. *whew*

So we survived another week. Actually, it was a GREAT week! Olivia had a blast meeting tons of new people and hanging out with our aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, and grandparents. She also tried her first bite of pickle- loved it- and went swimming for the first time- loved it too, but with a lot more reservation (Pretty risky posting pictures of me in a bathing suit, I know. And Papa, sorry, you’re in there too!).






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