Guest Post: JOY

You take my mourning, and turn it into dancing. 
You take my weeping, and turn it into laughing. 
You take my sadness, and turn it into joy! 
Hallelujah you make all things new!

This is what God loves to do.

We have been on an incredible journey over the last few months trying to get out of debt. God has been using this task as a fulcrum to pry open our hard hearts, to fix all of the brokenness He finds there, to restore in us the vision of life that He has for us, a life full of meaning and excitement.

One of the broken pieces that God is working on with both of us is something that we would have never even thought about outside of this current financial situation we are in. The thing is hard to describe. Expectations? Entitlements? I am not sure one word sums it up.

All we know is that we used to be really depressed. We had all of these expectations about what life should look like at this point and we weren’t living up to any of them. We felt that since we were educated, resourceful, decent human beings, that we should be entitled to having a certain career, a certain living space, a certain lifestyle. We wanted to be viewed as successful and upstanding citizens. Normal.

We are slowly learning that success looks a lot different than what it looks like on t.v. Like how that hamburger looks so very appealing on the commercial, but when you see it in person it ends up looking like it will probably just be a big fat greasy wrecking ball to your stomach. We are slowly learning that success looks a lot more like being content in your circumstances, or like giving all you can to those in need. Success looks a lot like not worrying about your future in order to be present in the lives of those around you in order to bless them.

Neither of us can really pinpoint the exact change. All we know is that we are really happy now. We aren’t carrying around these heavy expectations any more. We feel a lot more freedom to not live like the rest of the western world, and all of the normal pretense for how we are “supposed” to live is gone.

The result is that we feel joy every morning that God, who doesn’t owe us anything, gives us mercy, no matter what. It has not been easy, but it as definitely been freeing to embark on this journey and whole-heartedly give ourselves to whatever the Lord has for us in this season of life.

Is there any sadness in you that God wants to turn to joy?


Mike R.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: JOY

  1. thanks mike. i find myself feeling that way sometimes too…the “expectations about what life should look like at this point” part and realizing that my life is “different” in a God ordained kind of way. and the reality is that (1) most people’s lives probably aren’t as great or normal as i make them out to be and (2) if i stop looking around at other people, i usually am pretty happy with my life.

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