The Return of My Nocturnal Antics and Other Things

bath time

I think we can officially give new credence to the “sleep-walking” theory explaining Olivia’s mysterious midnight escape from the crib a few weeks ago. Mike and I are both about 85% certain that I somehow put my contacts in while completely and entirely asleep two nights ago. I specifically remember taking them out and putting the case on my bedside table. In the morning when I went to take them out of their case they were gone, and I suddenly realized that I could see more than three inches in front of my nose. A quick check confirmed: I was not miraculously able to see on my own, but my contacts sure were miraculously on my eyeballs! What the heck??

I’ve also been sleep-talking a whole lot more recently. Here are Mike’s exact words from Facebook describing one of the most recent, and (I think) hilarious, events:

“I get home around 9:00, kate is already sound asleep in bed. I lean over to give her a kiss on the forehead and she rouses from her slumber. Groggily she manages to slur these words that form the following conversation:

Me:Oh, Hi!
Kate:Hey, um did you notice my (long pause while pointing at the sheets on the bed) pretzels?
Me:*laughing hysterically as I know my wife is prone to sleep talking.
Kate: I am being serious. Did you see them? They were… rolling back to me.
Me: still laughing* Oh, where were they?
Kate:In the living room, they are rolling back to me though.
The end.”

Mike didn’t know that he was getting a wife and late-night entertainment, all rolled into one!

And in Olivia news: the recent stretch of GORGEOUS weather has had us playing outside for the first time since Olivia has become mobile. Um, yeah… being outside with a curious 9-month-old is practically like sitting in a minefield. She wants to eat everything and there is no such thing as a safe-zone. She’s slowly getting the cue that Momma will take anything and everything away if she tries to put it in her mouth while outside, but that doesn’t deter her from trying. She’s even mastered the whole peeking-out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye-while-pretending-to-inspect-the-(lumpofdirt/slug/leaf/rollypolly/flower)-and-slowly-positioning-said-(lumpofdirt/slug/leaf/rollypolly/flower)-for-quick-access-to-my-MOUTH thing. I feel the worst for the slug, who did not get eaten by the way. He just ended up getting sat on by Olivia and turned into slug-guts on the sidewalk. Oops.

Happy Spring!

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