Thoughts on Community Living: Two Weeks In

Been wondering how we’re doing since we got rid of half our stuff, put the rest in storage, and decided to move in with some friends?? Wonder no longer…

My initial feeling, as I shared earlier, was a lot of trepidation. Share space with people we know but we don’t really know know? Give up my kitchen? Raise a baby in a house with other (older, more experienced) people watching over my shoulder? This might be a recipe for DISASTER!

Well so far, none of my worst fears have come true about living in community. We have been embraced with open arms, and made to feel as if this is our home. In fact Joe even said to us the other day, “You do know, whatever I have is yours, right?” And he’s the kind of guy that you know means what he says 100%. What kind of people are these???

The best part of community living so far:

  • Rent. Is. Free.
  • Utilities. Are. Free.
  • Our dear Jeanie, Joe’s wife, is some-what of a grocery-shop-aholic too. And she has way more years on me so her pantry is stuffed to the gills to the point where they don’t even know what all is in there. I have been given free reign to cook through the pantry if I want. YAY!
  • I’ve learned that the easiest way to cut a pizza is to use kitchen scissors. Genius.
  • I’ve learned that laundry clips are a cheap alternative to “chip-clips” to keep bags closed. Double genius.
  • Joe is taking it upon himself to give Mike tips about what a great husband looks like. 🙂 I mean, Mike’s already a great husband, but he’s getting some wonderful practical advice.
  • Baby’s in bed and Mike and I need to go out somewhere? No PROBLEM!
  • Great conversation and friendship around the dinner table.
The worst part of community living so far:
  • Um, nothing. Seriously, these people are so easy going and so are we so even when there is an “issue” it takes next to nothing to be settled. Not that I don’t expect to be challenged in the future, but so far it’s been a pretty smooth transition.
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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Community Living: Two Weeks In

  1. I also have learned the chip clip thing this go. AND the husband of the couple who owns the house is big on ‘whatever is here is yours.. Make yourself at home.’ it’s such a time to let people bless you and just be okay with being their ‘house mates’.. They’re receiving serious rewards, all-the-while SO enjoying you. Remember, you’re really lovely people! They like having you around… Despite your other accusations… Maybe it’s just my experience. 🙂

    I’ve found small things that the mom doesn’t necessarily enjoy doing… And I try to make time in my day to do them. Spontaneous acts of kindness have been so heart-opening and tender-remaining for us!

    Yay to a beautiful season of grace-filled community living.

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