Space Cadet Kate Strikes Again

I don’t know what the scientific research is behind it, but I am sure that having a child causes a little tiny hole to appear in your head where your brains start to seep out.

I won’t even try to enumarate the many many moments of my week where I was left to just laugh and shake my head, but here are a few highlights from this week:

  • General mixing up of items that should go in the fridge and items that should go in the pantry. Thankfully Mike was always on hand to laugh at me kindly point out the mistakes.
  • Nearly dumping a complete pot of pasta on the table because for some reason I had put the colander next to the sink instead of in the the sink. Caught myself just in the nick of time.
  • Managed to leave the house for a trip to the grocery store with my purse, but no wallet. Not even a checkbook. And the worst part is- I specifically took my wallet out before we left thinking that it would provide more room for a few of Olivia’s toys since we were going to church beforehand. We didn’t realize my error until we were in the middle of the store (although I hadn’t gotten anything into the cart yet).
  • Managed to spill half a glass of water all over the table- while we were eating over at some friends’ house. That one might not be child-induced, though. I’ve been a pro drink/food spiller for years (and it always seems to be when we are in public, too, goshdarnit).
  • Let Olivia play sans-diaper for 3 minutes. Guess what happened in those 3 minutes? You don’t even want to know.
  • Crossed the room to hang something up and in the less-than-30 seconds I had my back turned Olivia crawled into the bathroom and was found trying to fish a tissue out of the toilet (that Mike had only blown his nose on earlier…luckily).

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