Parenting Mayhem: The Easter Bunny Edition

Is anyone else totally creeped out by the fact that grown people dress up as giant bunnies with decidedly maniacal grins plastered on their faces and beckon little children to come sit on their lap and take their candy (hello- how does this not violate the “Don’t take candy from strangers” rule???) I can at least wrap my mind around good old Saint Nick, but the Easter Bunny- he just violates all sorts of rules in my mind.

And actually- it was this practice of dressing adults up as mythical holiday creatures that was the tragic end of my mom’s belief in The Easter Bunny and Santa Clause as a child. At the age four she went to get her picture taken with the big bunny himself at the mall, and while sitting on his (her?) lap, peering up into his big droopy eye, she suddenly noticed that she could see through said to eye an actual person sitting inside the bunny. AND the whole magical tale about bunnies that leave eggs full of candy and flying reindeer that help deliver toys to little boys and girls came crashing down around my mother.

Yet I suppose as a mother raising children in our current culture, the existence of the Easter Bunny is going to be a pretty inescapable fact of life each Spring. And Olivia had her first run in with the jolly, candy toting bunny yesterday while we were out to Easter brunch with our family. I fully expected a freak out, or at least a long and serious contemplation of the bunny, but boy was I was surprised when Olivia couldn’t get enough of the adult-sized furry creature hopping giddly around the room with a trail of children and parents wielding cameras in his wake.

Oh, my dear daughter. Could you really have fallen for the EASTER BUNNY??

Yep. In all of his furry, sugar-coma inducing, ridiculousness. And like any good mama and daddy, we got sucked right in to the festivities (was that Mike now leading the crowd of camera toting parents??) as we watched our daughter light up with sheer delight at being allowed to pet this monstrosity of an animal. How could we not?

In the end it was a lovely weekend celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus with family and friends. So lovely in fact, that basically any bumps and difficulties along the way seem to have been eclipsed by the joy of just being this week. Just being.

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