Found Some Candy… but Lost My Keys

A ten month old and all this candy in the house following Easter? Something was bound to happen, I suppose.

Olivia is pretty great about playing at my feet while I make lunch or dinner. As long as she has access to the tupperware cabinet, we’re gold for at least 10 minutes. Add 5 minutes more when there are a bunch of colorful plastic Easter eggs in the mix! Empty Easter eggs, of course.

So on Tuesday Olivia was happily playing: chasing eggs, banging them on things, etc. I was washing up some dishes, happy that Olivia was happy. Thinking about my day at work, and counting down in my head the number of hours until Mike would get home. Doing a mental checklist of things I still needed to get done for the day- go to the bank? Make dinner? Put away some laundry? Wait… did I even remember to put a load of laundry in this morning?

Suddenly I realize: it’s quiet. Too quiet.


I walk around the kitchen island and there she is, looking up at me with those sugary sweet brown eyes and a blue malt ball in her drooling mouth, her pudgy fingers covered in speckled in blue and chocolate. Mama- she seems to be inferring with her look of angelic innocence- look what I found! It’s DELICIOUS!

Guess not all the Easter eggs were empty…

Aside from this little candy coated, mama-made-a-mistake moment, would you believe that this week I locked myself out, twice. The first time, I locked my keys in the car. No biggie though, because we had just arrived home, there other people already there to open the door for me, and I had an extra set inside. *whew*

The second time was not so nice… it was 7:45 am, we were on our way out the door for work, I locked the door, we walked out, I shut it and *BOOM*- suddenly I realize the keys are still inside. It took us ten minutes of trying to open various doors and windows (this place is secure) and imagining Mike having to walk 40 minutes to work and Olivia and I spending the day as homeless gypsies (our housemates were out of town to boot!), before Mike got the great idea to try and jimmy the lock using our library card (TOLD you those things are useful!)

He got the house unlocked in a scary (but also temporarily relieving) ten seconds flat. Lesson learned: always lock the dead bolt. And you can’t do that unless you have your keys in your hand when you walk out the door.

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