Parenting Mayhem: The Mother’s Day Edition

Now I get it. I get why there is a Mother’s Day. There is something about this one, sweet little Sunday tucked in the year that brings joy and refreshment in the best way possible. Not a lot of frills or over-the-top decorations and preparations like other holidays. Just simple homemade gifts, garden plants, and daddy’s turn to cook. It was the best day possible, if for no other reason than that I enjoyed celebrating being a mom and the beauty that is my daughter. And sleeping in was great too…

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am going to share my top 5 craziest mothering experiences… you know… the things that happen the other 364 days of the year. The days for which Mother’s Day was commissioned to help smooth things over.

  1. The salad in my washing machine. Oh. My.
  2. Going out to eat with my mother one weekend and just before the food came out… Olivia vomited all down the front of me. I mean for real, got-the-flu vomited, not the little baby spit-ups she was always so good at. Graceful exit- not possible.
  3. The hours upon hours spent rocking my baby. She did not nap for the first 5 months of her life, and she did not sleep through the night either. It was seriously the worst feeling in the world… trying relentlessly to get her to sleep and failing miserably. She definitely required “sleep training.”
  4. Little surprises left on the carpet during “diaper-free” time. Silly mama. I’m embarrassed to even tell you that I didn’t learn the first time…
  5. Giving birth. And I know that everyone who has ever given birth probably feels that the whole thing was a really crazy experience, but people, let me tell you my story was epic: 54 hours of labor (40 of which were spent in the hospital). Three room transfers during labor. NO meds or painkillers for the first 48 hours (yep! I’m a champ!). And a c-section & preeclampsia in the end… *sigh* But that sweet, perfectly healthy little girl I delivered was worth it all!

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