Money Saving Idea: Mowing the Lawn

If you are anything like me, there are two things you really struggle with:

  1. Paying $4 per gallon for gasoline
  2. Getting enough exercise

How are these two things connected? And what the HECK does this have to do with mowing your lawn?

WELLL…. yesterday I was reading an article in Whole Living magazine (which, by the way, mysteriously started showing up on my doorstep at the beginning of the year…) about this lady with a push mower. No, no not the gas powered kind of mower that you have to push… I mean like this old-school reel mower:

Photo Credit

Retro, no? I love it! And what I love even more is this:

The woman in the article had a dilema. A couple dilemas actually. One was that she had become a mother, and getting the lawn mowed just could not happen safely with little children close-by. Another was that she was trying to squeeze exercise time into already jam-packed-hectic days.

I have those same dilemas, plus one more: gasoline is EXPENSIVE! Mowing your lawn a couple times a week in summer? That can get pricey, even before you add in maintenance costs.

Enter retro reel mower. This woman spends 20 minutes every day mowing a part of her lawn. Multiplied by 7, and throughout the course of a week the whole thing gets mowed. Her kids can play safely near-by, she can put her baby safely in a carrier, get her lawn mowed, get some exercise in AND save money doing it. BRILLIANT!

The people I live with have a riding mower, but I’m half tempted to ask if I can get a reel mower and start doing the lawn myself, just because I want the exercise!

How about you? Ever use a reel mower?? Have any other fun creative ways to combine saving money with some of your other goals and chores? Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Money Saving Idea: Mowing the Lawn

  1. A few years ago, I bought an old “American” reel mower with debris bin, that needed only a bit of grease, some minor blade adjustment. I say it saves me $120 a month, $80 for the gardener and $40 for the health club. I’m within 10lbs of my weight at 20yrs (I’m 55) for nearly 30lbs of loss! I love the early morning weekend mowing, the birds, the sounds of early morning neighbors (excepting gas powered anything), squirrels fussing & chirping. It’s my time, I get a good glow on and my res-pit of a cup of joe & reading the paper by 9:30a gives me a good feeling of accomplishment; also the afternoon view of a well trimmed lawn is not too bad either. Here are a few benefits…

    1. Less smell & cost

    2. Healthier, we should exercise, why not save & do something that beautifies our homes?

    3. A reel mower is so light and easy, I would say except for the extra passes, it’s actually easier than a gas mower

    4. Very green, no gas to drive the the health club or spilled on the driveway or smell around the house & the sound is almost pleasing

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