It’s Like Running a Marathon

The other day I was in the car thinking about everything: getting out of debt, raising Olivia, getting to the next stage in life. It was pretty overwhelming. How in the WORLD am I going to pull any of this stuff OFF??

I’m pretty detail oriented, and I like to have a plan. I like lists, steps, procedures, and protocols. But no matter how hard I try, I just can seem to chart my life. Every time I do, something happens and my plans are put on their heads.

Then I realized… it’s O.K. I don’t have to worry and plan and fret about what it will look like to be out of debt and what we should do next. I don’t have to worry about how I am going to parent Olivia well in the next ten, five, one years of her life. I’m in training. Each day, each step is training me and preparing me for the next, and I don’t have to worry about getting the whole thing mapped out and figured out TODAY. In fact, I can’t.

It’s like running a marathon. That’s my end goal, but I can’t just wake up tomorrow and run the thing. I have to spend time preparing my body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And that is where I am at with getting out of debt and managing money. Just in the baby steps (literally, according to Dave Ramsey), in the trenches if you will. And I’m learning to let go and just be here, in this season of training and learning and growing.

How about you? Feel like you’re trying to run the marathon before you’ve even left the training grounds? Do you look at your goals and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of actually ACHIEVING them? And yet, after all the worrying, do you ever lift up your head and notice, “Hey wow, I’m actually moving along somehow!” I don’t think I’m the only one….


One thought on “It’s Like Running a Marathon

  1. I don’t have a kid yet, but I can definitely relate to the overwhelmed feeling. I feel it most often about being a homeowner lately…so many things to think about and they all cost money: renovation projects, termite control, insurance, trying to reduce energy consumption…sometimes it gets to be way too much to process at once. So yes, the one step at a time approach definitely helps. =)

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