The One Where I Learn I Have a (Low) Caffeine Limit

Saturday: it was set to be a great day. Mike was off to an early morning men’s breakfast, and I had a nice big French Press all to myself. Delicious.

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After Mike got home I kissed him and my darling girl goodbye and headed out to spend the morning and afternoon with one of my friends. We had been trying to plan a date to watch a movie for forever and it was finally all panning out.

We headed over to The Red Box (genius, by the way) and got ourselves our movie, and then headed next door to pick up some Starbucks to enjoy with our movie. Here was my near fatal mistake: the tall Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream on top.

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I downed the thing in probably 30 minutes, and within 45 minutes of walking out of Starbucks, I was starting to feel a little… weird. Head spinning. Heart pounding. Short of breathe? Maybe. Definitely NOT enjoying the movie!

“Katy… don’t freak out. But I feel kinda wierd, and I think I might pass out,” I offered nonchalantly, my head meanwhile spinning off into the next galaxy.

Turns out, I was in the right spot to be going into a near, caffeine-induced, swoon. After laying me down on the couch with my feet up, hooking me up with her heart rate monitoring watch (what?? Inspector Gadget??), and fetching me a nice cold glass of water (which I suddenly realized I hadn’t had all day), she called her mom who is a nurse and then got online to start looking up caffeine side effects. Check all the boxes: I had had too much caffeine!

I called Mike to let him know, and, offering even more clarity to my situation, reminded me that I usually only drink a half of a French press, and follow it with plenty of water. My usual is NOT a whole French press followed by a shot of expresso in a sugar loaded drink and no H20. And I’m not very tall OR wide either. I’m clearly not built for caffeine intake.

I was absolutely miserable for a little while, but the water and laying down, along with a nice helping of Papa John’s pizza for lunch, worked their magic and I was back to (pretty much) normal by the time I left. And you can bet that I am never doing that again!

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