The Non-Toxic, DIY Berry Stain Fix

Certain members of our family have a particular affinity for getting food All. Over. Everything. And you can’t really just point pictures at baby… mama is infamous for wearing her meals on her shirts and pants too. It’s pretty much genetic.

So what’s a girl to do when berries are regularly on the menu and also regularly on the outfits?

Hydrogen peroxide.

As a kid, I remember my parents using the fizzy action of this stuff to help release splinters I would get from time to time in my fingers or toes. It’s also great for sanitizing things, like the needle also used in said splinter release. As an adult, that same fizzy action has come to my aid on a number of occasions to help lift stains out my clothes. And the best part is that hydrogen peroxide costs about $1 for a big bottle at any drugstore.

It’s pretty simple really:

1. Test your clothes for color fastness. It works on colors or whites, but you might want to be safe rather than sorry.

2. Pour a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide directly on to the affected area.

3. Rub the fabric together on the spot.

4. Wash as usual in cold water with your regular detergent.

5. Voila!

Check out our DIY, non-toxic cleaning supply closet if you want some more tips, tricks, and ideas!

How about you?

Have any quick and easy fixes that beat buying expensive, specialized products at the store? Leave a comment or send me an email!


2 thoughts on “The Non-Toxic, DIY Berry Stain Fix

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