Memorial Day Camping (Who Needs Hot Dogs When You Have Legs?)

**There is a picture to go witht his post, but thanks to a nasty little virus that has us locked out of our web browsers (and we even have a MAC!), we had to post this from my grandma’s laptop in their hotel room. …the picture will be coming shortly… we hope…

 That’s right, who needs hot dogs when you too can roast your very own legs over the open campfire? And I do mean your own legs.

This weekend we joined a few of our friends for the afternoon while they were camping near the local lake. We decided to forgo the actual camping part because I don’t really see how an 11 month old camping in a tent in the woods could possibly end well. But we didn’t want to totally miss out on the fun, so we drove up to spend a the day with the group, and enjoy the campfire, of course.

Turns out, I may have been enjoying the campfire a little too much. I also may have an unnaturally high tolerance for heat.

I had just finished the most delicious campfire pancake and bacon I have ever had. I was standing by the fire, in the early morning cool, enjoying the intense fire heat and enjoying my friends. Nothing too exciting.

And then one of the girls around the campfire looks up to Mike and whispers, “Is she o.k.??” while pointing at my legs (I have no idea why she didn’t ask me if I was o.k., but whatever).

“OH MY GOSH. Kate, what is wrong with you?” someone else starts pointing at me with eyes wider than saucers.

Geeze guys, I know I’m white but give me a break.

Then I look down and notice the problem. I am roasting. Literally roasting. My skin is now more pink than a baby rat, with a bunch of splotches all over.

I jump back from the fire, Mike reaches down to feel the front of my leg and says, “Kate, your legs are hot!” (He meant temperature wise…)

What the heck? Come to mention it, they are kind of stinging.

Luckily, a little aloe, and a few more finger-points, stares, cupped mouths, and “OMG Kate??” moments later, and everything went back to normal. The pink actually went away after a few hours (I was worried I was going to look like I had a nasty sunburn for days). The only permanent change was to my psyche. I’m never-ever-ever-ever standing one foot away from an open campfire again.

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