The Truth About Money: Be Holy

I was driving the other day, lost in thought, thinking about the (often) daunting task before me of raising a child in a world that is not often kind. It seems that no matter where you look, in the secular world and in the “Christian” world, more and more children are being sucked into lifestyles that make me, as a mother, cringe. What can I be doing to train my child up in the way she should go?

There are no guarantees, but as I was thinking about this I was gently reminded that if I want my child to learn to love Truth and Holiness and Righteousness and all of those other Pure and Lovely things, I have to not only tell her about them, I have to be them. It’s not enough to just plunk her down in Sunday School, send her to a Christian school, and say grace at dinner. I need to be actively living the life, not just talking the talk.

And that certainly applies to our handling of finances. I hope to teach my daughter about budgeting, being wise with our money, saving it and avoiding credit, and being generous. But it won’t mean anything if I am not willing to live that life before her. I want her to see me empty my wallet to feed and clothe the poor. I want her to see me decide to make sacrifices so that I don’t end up with debt. I want her to see me be diligent with my money and be able to bless her with good gifts. What a testimony that will be!

It’s all a part of that mandate to, “Be Holy, because I am Holy” (1 Peter 1:16). Holy- which I just learned is kadosh in Hebrew- means to be “other than.” It implies a distinction, a separation. We are to not just talk about a better way of life, but to live it out. Jesus became like us, and we in turn must become like him- which, let me remind you, Jesus was pretty inside out, upside down, radical, and the majority of the people who encountered him hated him, were perplexed by him, and thought he was plain out weird.

Well… we’re already half-way there…

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