On Having a Baby Early, Broke, and Young: Part 1

It was early 2009. Mike and I were newly engaged, in our last semesters of college, getting ready to enter the tumultuous work-force (it was, after all, mere months after the stock-market scare in October 2008), and starting to dream about our life as a soon-to-be-married couple.

Part of those dreams included having children.

At the time, we were immersed in a culture that valued having kids… later. Two years seemed to be the minimum in Christian-circles, and in the secular world we were surrounded by the message that having children should be a late-in-life deal, after you have had a good shot at a successful career, erased your debt, and started building yourself the kind of wealth that is the American Dream.

Again, I am not saying that any of these approaches is inherently wrong. Not at all. But had we followed these ideas and messages we would have been doing just that…. following ideas and messages, and not taking the time to pray through and ask the Lord for HIS direction and leading in our life.

Anyway, it was in this setting that Mike and I found ourselves suddenly seriously grappling with the reality that marriage and kids most often come hand-in-hand, and we had to figure out where we stood on the issues of birth control and getting pregnant.

Like everything else in America, when it comes to birth control and having babies it seems like there are a thousand and one choices, and most of them are far from “natural.” I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would NOT be putting hormones and artificial ingredients into my body and disrupting a perfectly functioning system. That is just not my style. But I really wasn’t sure what other options I had.

That’s when my roommate, who was in the midst of transitioning from protestantism to catholicism, told me about a “Natural Family Planning” (NFP) class being held at her parish in conjunction with the Couple To Couple League. I had no clue what I would be learning, but I was hooked at the word “natural,” and Mike and I signed up along with some friends of ours who had also recently gotten engaged.

We had no clue when we signed up for the class that we were in for way  more than just a lesson on birth control and postponing pregnancies in a natural way. We were in for a change- at the heart level…

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