Guest Post: My Turn to Tell My Story!

I have loved featuring guest posts on Saturdays- which, by the way, you are welcome to be a guest blogger if you are interested! But today, I get the privilege of being a guest blogger.

My friend Colleen (a guest blogger for me a few weeks back) is newly pregnant with twins, and she asked the people in her life to help contribute to her blog while she battles the early pregnancy sickies. Well, she didn’t exactly say that’s the reason outright… but I’m guessing that has a LOT to do with her lack of motivation for writing. Twins!

I loved having the chance to re-cap our story, from the beginning of the year forward. If you are a regular reader, I think you will enjoy having a few of the missing pieces filled in as I go back over our journey from January 2011 to now. If you are new, I think this post will give you a great idea of what The Debt Free Family is all about!

Colleen- A slight revision to the first. THANKS!!!

$15,500 in debt. $20,000 in annual income.

That is how my husband and I started the New Year in 2011. Our resolution? Cut up our credit cards, get on a strict budget, and erase that debt- despite the obvious mathematical impossibility- within 20 months.

You see, we had become convinced, convicted really, that our next season of life was to be about getting out of debt. This was the Lord’s sovereign calling on our life, and we believed wholeheartedly that if he called us to it, He will do it (we still do).

That’s when things started happening...

Read the rest of the story at Colleen’s Life.


3 thoughts on “Guest Post: My Turn to Tell My Story!

  1. aw, i’m so glad you posted this because i LOVE hearing those kinds of stories about how God provides for us, especially in ways that blow our minds! it’s such a good, good thing to be reminded of.

    p.s. my jaw dropped when i read how high your heating bill reached. i think i’d have to move into the library or something before i could pay that much! glad you’ve found a new home, with hopefully much more reasonable utilities!!

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