DIY Wipes (For Baby’s Bum OR House Cleaning Use)

There was a “recipe” for homemade, reusable baby wipes posted by Candice from Rattles and Redheads at Money Saving Mom a couple of days ago. I think it goes perfectly with my recent diapers post! This is basically exactly what I do, except that I also keep a spray bottle on hand filled with the soapy solution to spray the cloths directly as I need them. Candice’s way seems like it might be easier though… hmm…

For a non-baby related twist: I bet you could use a similar principle to make your own reusable disinfectant wipes.

Cut up some old terry cloth towels or other fabric into small squares.

Mix up some vinegar and water solution with a little borax or washing soda-or even dish soap- with an optional drop of Tee Tree Oil (it has antibacterial properties), or use whatever recipe you use for DIY disinfectant.

Pour it over the squares in your container of choice. Perhaps an old Clorox wipes container? Or baby wipes container? Tupperware?



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