Saving $$$ On Car Maintenance

Mike only had one serious goal for the 4th of July weekend: get the oil changed on the car. Everything else was eat, sleep, and enjoy a rare three-day weekend at home, just the 3 of us (which we enjoyed). As I’m writing this, Olivia is napping, I’m blogging, and Mike is off completing his goal. Hopefully he meets success- it is a national holiday after all.

Anyway, Mike’s goal reminded me of a link a friend sent me a few weeks ago to an article in Yahoo! Finance called “10 Ways You Waste Money On Your Car.”  I admit, when it comes to cars and car maintenance, I’m pretty lost, so I love it when I come across simple and concise information about what I need or don’t need when it comes to keeping my car running in great condition. And since we are driving a completely paid for car, I definitely want to keep that sucker running!

But I also want to steward my money wisely so that we can eventually save up cash to buy a new car when the time comes. So here is an article highlighting a few tips on how not to waste your money on your car (be sure to check out the comments too, there are some interesting points and additions!).

10 Ways You Waste Money On Your Car

With gas bills putting a crimp in your budget, you don’t want to be wasting money on other car expenses. But many car owners do just that — either spending more than needed on maintenance or putting off work that will cost more later.

 To be smart about your car, you need to do the right amount of on-time maintenance — while resisting mechanics’ pitches for unnecessary work. “With advertising that emphasizes maintenance-free cars, people may have the idea they don’t have to take care of them,” says George Sadowski, education manager at the Norwood, Mass., campus of Universal Technical Institute, a leading provider of training courses for auto mechanics. 

But while neglect doesn’t work, neither does overspending. From Sadowski and Michael Calkins, manager of the AAA program that recommends repair shops, here are 10 ways you may be wasting money on your car.

Click here for the complete article


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