The Simple, Homecooked Kitchen

I am a food nut. Big-time. I love hunting down recipes, making up delicious concoctions in the kitchen- my housemates call me a mad scientist in the kitchen- and spending time learning everything I can about simplifying the ingredients and foods we ate down to the very basics, and the very most nutritious too!

I have not always been this way, though. My mom never taught me how to cook. By her own admission, it’s not one of her strong-suits. I never really spent much time in the kitchen, besides baking the occasional batch of chocolate chip cookies for a school bake-sale, until I grew up and moved out. Even in college when I had my own apartment, my food prep was pretty limited.

That definitely changed when I moved in with my new husband, and I started to settle into a more domestic role- a role I cherished.

Our first apartment, though, didn’t have a kitchen. It was basically one big room which we split up with a curtain running the width of the room. It did have a bathroom with a shower stall and a tiny sink. That was it. We spent the first couple of months of our marriage cooking every single meal in a microwave or a toaster oven. Did you know you can make pasta in the microwave? You can!

When we finally moved to a spacious two bedroom with a fully equipped kitchen, I was so excited. I had been learning more about food and cooking through some friends of ours, and I was excited to try my hand at making homemade bread.

That first lumpy but oh-so-delicious loaf of bread and I was hooked. Hooked on cooking and baking and making my own food. And what has ensued is a long string of learning and being exposed to more and more knowledge about cooking, nutrition, and the way our bodies were made.

Along the way I stumbled across a blog, Kitchen Stewardship, which I have found to be an invaluable resource as I have started the life-long process of learning to eat well. And today, there was  a great post on becoming the kind of person who manages a kitchen that can pack a lot of punch. Heidi’s words inspire and remind me that it doesn’t have to be as hard as it looks. Baby step by baby step, you can learn how to simplify your kitchen and introduce the most wholesome and beneficial nutrition out there. And save some $$ too!

Here’s to becoming “one of them.”

“I think that as a society we have been conditioned to believe that preparing our own meals without the use of a lot of boxes or cans is too difficult for the average home cook. What our grandmothers considered a luxurious convenience, many of us see as the only way. Yet here I am, living proof: if I could change so much, come so far, anyone can…”

This is just an excerpt- head over to Kitchen Stewardship to read the rest of the post!


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