Dude, Where’s My Car?

Olivia enjoying her birthday cake.

Have you ever walked out of your house in the morning and wondered, “Where the heck is my car??”

I have, just the other day in fact.

It was a bright and sunny morning, our housemates were out of town, and Mike and I were already a few minutes late headed out the door to work. And as we stepped out these dreaded words came out of Mike’s mouth: “Where’s the car?”

My stomach dropped. Sure enough, our car was not where I had parked it the night before: on the curb. It was gone. Vanished.

I quickly scanned the drive and curb- nothing but two cars belonging to our housemates’ friends who had left town with them the night before parked in the drive.

My thoughts were as follows:

“Oh my gosh it was stolen. No. No way- there is a way nicer car than ours in the drive. Wouldn’t they steal that car over ours? Towed. It had to be towed. Maybe there is a parking rule I didn’t know about. Oh my gosh, I knew we shouldn’t have parked so far out from the curb. But there’s no sign. Oh my gosh, I bet the neighbor called the cops on us and they towed our car. I bet they didn’t like how far our car was out on the curb. We don’t even know where they would tow it! I wonder how much it will cost. How are we even going to get to the tow people? Oh. My. Gosh. Our car is gone.”

And then the bombshell:

Mike, “Just kidding Kate.”

Me: What?

Mike: “The car is right there” (he is signaling over behind one of the cars parked in our drive).

Sure enough. There it is. I’m dumbfounded. And I want to hit Mike. What the heck? It’s just hidden behind the other cars in the drive. And I suddenly remember that Mike took the car out after I had parked it on the curb, and he obviously parked it in the drive instead of on the curb where I remembered leaving it.

He thought it was hilarious. I was just glad to have our car back…

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