The Truth About Money: What Makes Me Rich

Today I just have a simple thought that came from my Christian Care Medi-Share Newletter. One of the articles was about coping with and reducing stress, and I was, for whatever reason, struck by one little proverb: “Remember: ‘The man who has little and wants less is richer that he who has much and wants more.’ Being content with who you are and where you are is a big plus in coping with stress.”

I think what struck me was that I am exactly that person: I struggle with who I am a whole lot more than what I have. I certainly wish that we had our own nice little house, but I am more apt to struggle with who I am on a day-to-day basis.

Do you know that feeling? The struggle between being yourself and fitting in with societal norms and expectations? It brings up this question in our hearts: Am I O.K.? There is a whole lot of pressure to look, act, and live a certain way. And there is a lot of condemnation, mostly internally, if you don’t measure up.

It doesn’t look quite the same as the childhood and teenage drama many of us remember (and are now reliving in our offspring), but that same question is still a regular haunt in our hearts. In fact, just yesterday I spoke with a sixty year old woman who, after nearly 40 years of walking with Christ, still struggles with this question in many ways. Her story reminded me: it’s a lifelong process of surrendering ourselves and aquiring peace.

I wish I had the peace that passes understanding on my heart. I’m on the piligrammage, but I still have a long way to go…


4 thoughts on “The Truth About Money: What Makes Me Rich

  1. would like to tap your guys’ brains about how medi-share has worked for your fam…looked at it. we’re like a year overdue for a hangout, I think… 🙂 -DC

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