Crossing the Red Sea

Did you know that the ancient Hebrew word for “disobedience” is most closely translated as “acting on disbelief?”

I learned that in a Bible study last night.

This season of our life (or maybe it’s just our whole life and not just a season?) seems to be characterized by faith. We are either acting on our faith, or we are acting on our unbelief. We are either being obedient or being disobedient according to our faith.

For instance, we feel strongly that our call is to get out of debt as quickly as possible. In the face of incredibly small odds, we said yes and somehow there has been grace to slowly accomplish this goal.

It’s an act of faith really. Every time I hit the button to transfer money from my bank account to the government to pay off the loan, it is a leap of faith. An act of obedience. Yes, Lord, I surrender this $1000.00 too.

Similarly, we are increasingly feeling the call on Mike’s life to be an entrepreneur. I knew this when I married him, although sometimes I like to conveniently “forget” the fact that Mike is just not your average guy. He is just not made to dress up every day, go to his cubicle at his big corporate job and climb the ladder of financial success. *sigh* Some days… that is what I just wish he would do. Wouldn’t it be so much easier?

Mike is creative, passionate, loves the Lord and loves his family. He is brilliant. He is full of new ideas. And he is called to own his own business. I just know he is. That is what is deep down inside his heart.

What’s worse, though, is that not only is this the desire of his heart, but it is also the leading of the Lord. He is gently drawing us to the edge of the Red Sea, and any day now he is going to tell us to put our right foot in the air and take the first plunge of faith. He is going to demand our obedience again.

Do you know that only God can orchestrate our life to be so, so… insane?? I mean, really, that’s the only word there is for it. We make pennies compared to most people in this country. We make $23,000 in a year, and the Lord leads us to pay off $15,500? Then prods us to go one step further and leave behind 2/3 of that income and start a small business? In this present economic climate?

But you know what. I have a choice. Even if it’s scary, and my unbelief, my lack of revelation that God is who He says He is, is screaming at me to act one way, I can choose to turn the other way and obey anyway.

How about you? What is God asking of you? What areas of your life are you struggling to believe God with? What areas have you been successful in? Do you know… He is so, so pleased with you. That one little yes in a sea of doubt, He saw sees it and He is so pleased.


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