And Baby Makes FOUR!

Yep. There’s about to be a new little Debt Free Baby to cuddle.

We are about 11 weeks along now, and due in late July. I’ve been having morning-noon-and-night sickness and sleeping 12 hours a day. I’m like a grandma- I go to bed at 7pm. Gotta love that first trimester.

Now that I answered two of the biggest questions I knew you would be dying to ask (when’s the baby due and how are you feeling?), I bet there’s one more question lingering in there. Depending on how bold or blunt you are, it’s probably something like, “Um… so… what’s going to happen to your life??”

You probably know that we live with another family currently (and LOVE it!). To some of you that’s no big deal, to others of you it’s impossible to imagine having A kid much less TWO kids in that sort of arrangement.

You also, I hope, know that we are currently paying off a grand total of $15,000 of debt and are now down to $6,000-ish while making approximately $23,000-ish a year. Awesome- but obviously unless our current economic circumstance takes a turn, our “get out of debt quick” plan just got a big fat wrench thrown into it.

Are We Stupid?

I don’t know. Maybe?

All I know is that we are trusting the Lord with our whole lives, including our children and our financial security. He holds it all. And he’s choosing to give us this heritage, this reward. Our needs are more than met, and God loves this child more than we do. He will provide for this one just like He has provided for us.

Call us wise, call us foolish. I hope my heart is sufficiently rooted so that my heart and pride are not swayed by either judgement. We are walking in faith, and answering to the only One whose opinion really matters- and I think He’s pretty delighted…

Practically Speaking

We are not afraid to have a child and still be living in our current situation. The family that we live with is genuinely excited to welcome a new child into the home, and for now this seems like the place for us to be. Surrounded by loving brothers and sisters, enjoying fellowship and community. And the chance to save up some extra cash for this baby’s birth.

However, in order to stockpile said cash, we’re also going to be putting a hold on our debt killing efforts for a few months. We have a targeted goal for what we need for this baby, and once that money is in the bank, we will resume fighting our debt. I’m sure I will be posting more about this in the coming weeks.

The AWESOME, AMAZING thing, though, is that just this past week we got an email from the student loan serving department saying that we do not need to make a single student loan payment until next October. What?? Why??? Because we are so far ahead on our payments they are giving us a break.

Normally we wouldn’t take the offer, but we are counting it one more blessing from the Lord that even our minimum monthly payment can go straight to the baby fund. But don’t worry Student Loans, in a few months we will be back with a vengeance.

So that’s it!

We’re having a baby! And it’s awesome and terrifying and a blessing and jarring all at the same time!

Read about our Miscarriage here.


8 thoughts on “And Baby Makes FOUR!

  1. Congratulations! That’s so awesome! We’re just about there – Laura’s due on Sunday! We’ve been saving up like crazy since the summer, and have about $12,000 saved for it… So don’t fear! God provides.

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