Welcome, 2013!

New Year is here. Mike redesigned and renamed my blog. A new baby is getting ready to make his first appearance. I think I’m ready to retry my hand at blogging!

2012 began in a season of mourning, but is ending in the middle of a season of joy. Apparently a lot can happen in 365 days! Here is a quick recap:

January 2012: We found out our baby, at nearly 14 weeks in utero, had passed away. We decided to allow the miscarriage to run its natural course and wait for labor to begin on its own. 

February 2012: Avelyn Joy was born on February 27th, 2012. 3-1/2 inches long and only a few ounces, but with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, tiny teeth buds, eyes still fused shut… Absolutely worth it for my heart and soul to hold and behold such a miracle!

March 2012: Missing my baby and longing to be pregnant again, if it meant enduring back to back 1st Trimesters (they are not kind to me….) Clinging to the promise that He turns, “Mourning into joy.”

April 2012: Learned we would be moving but had no idea where OR how. Remember, since April 2011 we had been living with our pastor and his wife while we sorted out our finances and tried to make ends meet. At this point in 2012, we both still had the same jobs that we had moved in with…. but it seemed like something was about to shift.

May 2012: Mike started the application process for his dream job where a position “coincidentally” opened up. We also signed a lease on an amazing apartment. Talk about a leap of faith- we still didn’t have any idea where the job application would go, but we had to go ahead and make plans to move anyway!

June 2012 Part 1: After 4 weeks of interviews and a project, Mike landed a job that could not POSSIBLY be a better fit for him, doing mostly app design along with some other design. Huge sigh of relief as we wrote our first rent check.

June 2012 Part 2: Father’s Day we found out we were pregnant again! A few days later, Olivia turns 2. Joy is overflowing!

July/August/September: Struggle through the first trimester, but I felt a lot more able to handle it psychologically this time around. The only part that was truly difficult was making it from week 13 to week 14… the time we lost Avelyn. My midwife was gracious to get me in early to confirm the heartbeat at the end of that loooong week.

October/November/December: It’s official: Malachi Jude, our son, will be arriving sometime late February or early March 2013! Olivia is excited (and a little apprehensive) to become a big sister. We spent these months traveling to visit family for the last time before Malachi comes.

The Lord has been gracious to us in 2012. He has again proved that his timing and plan is perfect for us, and that we do not need to fear the unexpected. As we walk in faith, He will light our path. Here’s to more adventures to share in 2013!


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