For the Rest of Us

We are eating our words over at the Rich household. Eating them up good. We’re eating words that sustain us and give us life. Our daily bread, with a side of eggs and coffee each morning at breakfast. Even the three year old is in.

For 2014 we are taking Ann Voskamp’s challenge, “Scripture Memorization for the Rest of Us,” and letting the seeds of the book of John take root. She’s laying out 72 verses, chronologically ordered and beautifully rendered into these printables to hang around the house, and letting you go at your own pace and memorize just a few. Or all. Or somewhere in between.

We are on week two, and have two down. They are a sentence each. Just right for speaking over a candlelight breakfast or whispering over bedtime to little, busy ears. To pick one or maybe two words and ask what they mean. Slow, and easy, and digestible. 

We hang the verses on our wall. A visual reminder of what we’re learning. How much we really do know. An encouragement to me: I really can teach my children.

I don’t get a lot of things right, but this I know is right. Hearing my little one speak truth to me. Ask questions about truth. Ponder truth. Even if it is only (*only*), “Mama, what does overcome mean?”

This stops me in my tracks. What does overcome mean? 

I can forget to slow down so easily. I can forget to ingest truth. So here it is, in small, yet rich bites. Scripture memory for the rest of us…




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