At Least THAT Wasn’t Me

Yesterday, my daughter very nearly pulled my shirt off in front of my pastor. Actually, she does something along these lines virtually every week- gives me a nice hug around the legs, and then tries to walk off with my skirt. Gives me a nice hug around the neck, and then gets curious about my buttons. Why do these things always happen in public??

Well, after my little near-debauchle yesterday, I heard this sympathetic story that reminded me… hey, it could always be worse:

2-year-old child and babysitter enter the grocery store. 2-year-old does not do well in the cart, and is carried through the store for the short shopping trip. Babysitter is a kind, nice, very modest, midwestern girl. Babysitter also has made the mistake of wearing a zipper front sweater, with no shirt underneath.

2-year-old has discovered zippers. Likes zippers. Thinks they are shiny, and fun to pull.

Babysitter ends up walking through the entire grocerty store with her zipper unzipped. Does not discover this until it is way to late. Wonders why no one stopped her to say, “Hey lady… XYZ!”

Makes the rest of us sigh a big sigh of relief. That could of been me… but it wasn’t…

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