Community Living

What Would YOU Do To Get Out of Debt

Apparently our answer is: we would give up our own personal space and move into another person’s home…

Moving: It’s Hard

I think I’m most worried about raising a baby in someone else’s house. Babies wake up and cry in the middle of the night…

Two Weeks In: Thoughts on Community Living

Well so far, none of my worst fears have come true about living in community…

Social Experiments and What We Are Made For

Well… I may not want to learn to “have everything in common”, but guess what? It seems like that is the path I’m on. I can’t escape it. Literally. Right now, our life circumstances are such that we have no choice but to learn to be reliant. It sucks. It’s awesome. It’s hard. It’s freeing. It’s painful. It’s life-giving. Am I emo…

From Africa to Communal Living…And The Lessons Learned In Between

Three years ago my husband and I were newly married and having the adventure of our lives living in a Nairobi, Kenya. That’s right- newlyweds in Africa and LOVING it…

What Living In A Commune Taught Me About Connectedness

I’ve learned a lot of lessons about money over the past two years, most of them the hard way. Lots of times people are equal parts intrigued and weirded out when I tell them that I spent the better part of a year and a half living an intentional Christian community house where every resident pooled their financial income into a commonwealth. Needless to say, I went into this experiment with a lot of ideas about money…


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