Stories of Faithfulness


Old Faithful

Maybe it was being projectile vomited on in a Wal Mart parking lot. Maybe it was the imminent threat of tornados overhead and our windshield wipers being broken in the rain. Maybe it was the long car ride with a still-new baby. But I was DONE…

In Case You Ever Doubt His Faithfulness

I ended last week in tears as we looked over our budget and realized that with Mike’s loss of income this month, and the fact that I didn’t start my job until the second week of February instead of the first week as planned, we are going to have a budget short-fall this month. To the tune of $600

The Crucible

Mike learned how to seek God in a new way. I’ve never seen such a subtle but steady transformation of a man’s inner being than I’ve witnessed up and close and personal in Mike over the last two years. He took the time before him and began pressing in to God, asking him to teach him how to follow his leading and direction, even when it was super difficult. He trusted God even when I was questioning…

The Desert Season

It is funny to me how much clearer things always seem once they are in hindsight. And if not clearer, they at least seem to be able to take on some deeper sense of purpose and meaning at least…

The Great Cloud of Witnesses

Then I became aware that I was not alone in the cool darkness. Around me was a multitude of others- mature believers all standing and silently watching me. I knew (as one knows in a dream) that this was the Great Cloud of Witnesses from Hebrews.

I looked up and asked, “Does it ever get any easier? Does it ever stop?”…

$5 Found… $1000 Still to Come?

Do you ever wonder if anyone ever thinks about and prays for you as they go about their day? What’s that saying… if your ears are burning that means someone is talking about you…


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