Thoughts for a Parent’s Heart


When Motherhood Doesn’t Come Naturally

“There is this idea I’ve got about motherhood. It’s that there is a perfect ideal out there, and that I’m the one not measuring up to it…”

The Grace of Boredom

“I know I’m doing something right as a mama when I hear these three golden words, “Mom, I’m booooooored.” Or in Malachi’s case it’s more like a head bang to my knee and a pouty lip.”

Wasting My Life

“You have a bachelor’s degree? You shouldn’t waste that by staying at home…”

These were the words of our financial advisor to me a few years ago as we sat and reviewed our financial situation in the new year. I’m sure he was trying to helpful in offering advice (I mean, his title says it all…), but his words still left me feeling a little sour…

More Than Friendship

“I’ve realized this recently: as hard as parenting is, it’s a thousand and one times easier than being a wife. It’s much easier to step in to my role as a mom, and work alongside my BFF to raise these kids than it is to roll up my sleeves and do the hard work of being made known…”


Out of nowhere, I slam down a fence post. A boundary. The child heart slams full-speed into my out-of-thin-air fence post. The child-heart is hurt. The mama-boundary is smashed. We’re both bruised…this is not what I want…”

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peace and quiet. My daughter would finally have fallen asleep after playing with her stuffed animals on her bed for an hour at rest time. I would sink into the couch and enjoy the stillness.

And then the piercing, hysterical crying. The type where there is no consolation, just flailing about and deep hiccups and no comfort in the world. And a worried mama becoming more and more at a loss as to what to do…

Bitter and Sweet

What do preschoolers, lawyers, and politicians all have in common?

They have a hard time telling the truth…

The Great Cloud of Witnesses

Then I became aware that I was not alone in the cool darkness. Around me was a multitude of others- mature believers all standing and silently watching me. I knew (as one knows in a dream) that this was the Great Cloud of Witnesses from Hebrews.

I looked up and asked, “Does it ever get any easier? Does it ever stop?”…

The Log and the Speck

To say my patience meter was at its max is an understatement, really. I felt like I was going to boil over on the inside, all the while trying to calmly deal outwardly with my daughter. I was feeling mad, annoyed, frustrated, and trying to come up with a creative, awesome mom solution to keep this from ever happening AGAIN while also not coming across as a total JERK to my daughter (I don’t always strike this balance well, by the way)…

Lessons on Self Control

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an a two and a half year old’s mega-meltdown screaming rage? If not, let me be the first to tell you, it is quite a trying experience. I just had my first, courtesy of my sweet-as-sugar daughter, and I was not really sure in the middle if either of us were going to survive on positive terms…

Because of the Joy

I was nearing 9 months pregnant at the time, and still newlywed. Part of our evening had been spent talking about what we were struggling with at the time, which for me included the big adjustment of marriage, moving to a new city, and pregnancy. Yet, I remember telling her as we got ready to part, “You know what, though? I have never felt more like myself before. I’ve never felt so much like I am doing exactly what I was made to do.”…


I have confessed to friends before: being in your 20′s is hard. You’re finishing up a career of schooling, trying to figure out what it is you are going to do with your life, who it is you are exactly. This decade of life is filled with uncertainty as you try to find your place in a career field, possibly look for a spouse and start a family, and generally start from scratch trying to build a life…

Vacation for the Soul

Anyone else out there sometimes hit these phases of just longing for a vacation? Longing to sleep in? Longing to eat whatever you want whenever you want it? Longing to just veg out and watch TV for hours on end…

On Having Kids Early, Broke and Young (Series)

Anyway, it was in this setting that Mike and I found ourselves suddenly seriously grappling with the reality that marriage and kids most often come hand-in-hand, and we had to figure out where we stood on the issues of birth control and getting pregnant…


One thought on “Thoughts for a Parent’s Heart

  1. “Being a student of the heart is not a high value job in the world we live.”

    You are definitely not wasting your life my dear. It may not be valuable in the world we live but this world has it’s priorities a bit mixed up anyway. This was a worry I had too but every day I am reminded that it was the right decision for us as well and, at the end of the day, you can’t buy a degree for a position in your child’s life nor a career in heaven. 🙂

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