Practical Parenting

Birthday Traditions

“‘MOM. There’s a GIANT IN the corner! What IS THAT?’ she frantically whispered into the dark, wrapping arms round her mama’s neck and burying her head deep.”

On Having Kids Early, Broke, and Young

Our first child, Olivia, was born 9.5 months after our wedding day. I often get asked, “How did you DO it?” In an time when many people are choosing to wait longer and longer to have kids, this is our story and some of our heart behind deciding to have kids early on.

Baby On a Budget

Some practical tips on raising a baby on a budget from birth on, including my thoughts on what you really need to raise a baby (it’s a short list…)

Parenting Mayhem

A series of stories in which I share some of the hilarious moments from our day-to-day life with kids.


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